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Week 13 (Sum 2 Wk 6) 06.07.20-10.07.20

Good morning everyone!


It's week 13 and we have some great tasks for you on the grid this week. Put on you lab coat and get scientific with some yucky experiments. Like a real scientist, you can make predictions, write down results in a table and draw conclusions. In art, learn all about print making and if you have some poster paint at home, have a go at creating your very own print pattern. Mrs Darlison has set you all a booster pack to practise and consolidate your addition and subtraction skills. Don't forget to keep active too! We love the 'right way wrong way' task and have had lots of fun timing ourselves in our house this weekend!


I would also like to remind you to keep up regular reading. By the end of year 2, we expect children to be able to read with a good level of fluency and understanding. The children have missed a significant amount of their reading lessons in school due to lockdown and this will no doubt have had impacted on them in different ways. Reading, however is something we can all continue to do at home and regular practise will continue to develop your child's reading skills. I am aware that the school scheme books we sent out in lockdown packs will have now been read, but if they have not been read more than once, feel free to revisit them. Revisiting known books can really help to develop your child's fluency. Please also encourage your child to read any picture books or chapter books that you already own. Don't forget those bedtime stories which really help to foster your child's love of reading and develop their vocabulary.


For anyone who is struggling to provide books or would simply like to access lots more, I would like to encourage you to sign up for Oxford Owl, which is a brilliant free website for teachers and parents. There are loads of ebooks on the website which are all organised into age, reading level, and book band so it is really easy to use the filters and find a book that suits your child's reading ability. There are also some lovely story teller videos on there too so if your child finds reading a little more tricky, they can sit and listen to a story independently, then tell you all about it afterwards. I thought it might be a good idea to show you this now so you can have a go at signing up and let us know if you have any problems. This way, you will be able to use the website and keep up some regular reading over the summer holidays too.


Have a good week Year 2!

Mrs Simmonds, Mrs Darlison and Miss Lockwood