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Dice Maths 21.01.19

Dice Maths 

Today we had a fun maths lesson based on Incey Wincey Spider. We drew drainpipes split into sections with the sun at the top and a puddle at the bottom. Then, in pairs, one of us was the sun and the other was the rain. We used a bean bag as Incey Wincey and put him in the middle of the drain pipe and took it in turns to roll the dice. Whatever number the dice showed represented the number of steps to move Incey Wincey either towards the sun or puddle.  The winner was the person who was lucky enough to get Incey Wincey into their sun or puddle picture. We used a range of different dice and spinners to increase the challenge and some of us even developed ways to record our scores.


This game was great for practising our subitising, addition, subtraction and using pictorials to show our working.