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Pants are Private 30.11.18

As part of the children's PSHE lessons this week, they have learnt about the NSPCC initiative - Pants Are Private. The children watched the 'Pantosaurus' video and enjoyed singing along to the song. The message from the video is very clear - Pants are private and that children should always tell an adult they trust if someone asks to touch or see their pants. 

We moved onto discussing body parts using correct terminology, and in groups, the children had a go at labelling a human body. They were all very sensible during this activity and we were very proud of them. 

Next, we talked about touching and what kinds of touches are good and bad, such as hugging or hitting. We also talked about keeping secrets and the children played a thumbs up thumbs down game where they had to decide whether they should keep a secret or not in different scenarios. 

Finally, the children were asked to create a pair of pants to show the message of the lesson. Some of their designs were very creative. Take a look at the pictures.