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School Sport and Competitions

Sport Competitions

One of the aims of the new National curriculum is to provide opportunities for children to engage in competitive games and activities more regularly. We have always prided ourselves on competitive sport and the values of sportsmanship at Springbank but we have challenged ourselves to take further steps so that ALL children in school enjoy that competitive experience more regularly. Alongside this being an important element of our PE lessons we provide an abundance of opportunities for children to compete against other schools.


On the page below is our competition timetable, you will see that we provide competition for all year groups which have been built into the yearly overview to run alongside the work done by the Partnership in terms of competitive experience.

School Sport - Extra-curricular clubs

We believe it is important to provide children with opportunities to take part in School Sport that is why we continually evaluate the clubs we offer making sure that these match the requests of the children.  Some extra-curricular clubs encourage sports competition as well as physical activity.  For example children from the netball club participate in tournaments  as do the rugby club and indoor athletics team. 

Annual Sporting Events at Springbank

As well as all the opportunities above to be physically active, we hold many sporting events:

Sainsbury’s School Games Sports day

This is a competitive event where children represent their house teams of Lions, Panthers, Jaguars and Tigers. Races include sprints, 300m, sprint relay, sack race, beanbag race, ball and hoop and many more.

Health Week

There are many sports events that happen in Health Week including morning aerobics sessions, multi-sports afternoon, table tennis competition and much more...

To find out more about what takes place in Health week, go to the page below.