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Spring 1 Week 6 10.2.23



On Tuesday it was Online Safety Day, we talked with Reception about how to keep safe when using devices. We read a story about how the internet can be a fun, exciting tool that helps us to see range of interesting things. We also explained that the internet can let us see things that can make us feel worried and scared. The children knew to tell a trusted adult if they saw anything on their devices that made them feel worried and to report straight away. We also read Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly and Hello Hello as part of our ‘No Outsiders’ discussions. In Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly, the children learnt that is ok to have different opinions and like different things but that we can still all be friends! Through Hello Hello the children learnt that it is great to be friends with different people and how to say Hello. We have explored our feelings in support of Children’s Mental Health Week, through reading Room on the Broom. This helped us to discuss our feelings and support our understanding of helping each other.


In maths the children have been learning how to compare measurements; including height, length and time. The children have been using language such as short, long, tall, longer, shorter, tallest, and shortest to compare sizes. We have had lots of fun drawing around our hands and feet and measuring their length using items we have found in the classroom like blocks and paper clips. At home you could compare your height with family members or measure the height of your favourite toy using Lego bricks. We have been finding out how long actions take and how many actions we can do in a set amount of time. We counted how many jumps, star jumps and hops we could do in 10 seconds and thought about which action was the fastest and slowest. At home you could time how long it takes to brush your teeth or how many times you can write your name in a minute.


After the half term, we will be learning about 9 and 10.  The children will be thinking of different ways the numbers can be made. At home you could find different number combinations by grouping objects such as pasta and have a go at making 9 and 10 in a range of ways.


In understanding of the world, we will be learning about life cycles and about which animals hatch from eggs. In the first week back we will be having some surprise visitors! At home you could research animals that come from eggs.


The children have had a fantastic half term, they are becoming confident and independent learners! We hope you have a lovely half- term and enjoy a break from the school routine.


The Reception team