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Week 9 (Sum 2 Wk 2) 08.06.20 - 14.06.20

Miss Lanaway’s Baking Challenge to You!!

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Something a little different this week Year 3! I need your help. So, some of you might not know but I am a terrible baker! We attempted a Victoria sponge tray bake this week and it was inedible (that basically means it went in the bin)! I’ve attached the recipe below and if any of you fancy having a go this week and showing me up, then the challenge is on! Send me all your lovely photos or maybe even have a go at putting together a time lapse video like I did and at the end of the week, I’ll choose a star baker (just like the Bake Off, but better). And I promise, I will have a second attempt this week as I always tell you guys that practice makes perfect! Good luck 🌟

Good Morning Year 3

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