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Summer 2 Week 2 18.6.21



This week in reception we were continuing to learn about minibeasts. The children have loved finding minibeasts in our reception garden and we have been using our knowledge of insects to decide whether what we find is an insect or not. The children have enjoyed finding out more about bees and worms and what amazing creatures they are. Here is a link to the Wiggly Woo song we have been singing in class: We have also looked at some minibeasts from around the world and compared them to those that live here in England.


In maths we have been learning about sharing and grouping. We looked at the story ‘The Doorbell Rang’ by Pat Hutchins and shared out biscuits between different numbers of plates. You might like to try this game at home, perhaps using teddies and plates and pieces of food. Here is a link to the story:


Next week in maths we will be learning more about odd and even numbers. You might like to play a game of odd and even collections. Collect up some different objects and count them out (eg 3 hats, 6 spoons, 4 books, 9 apples) then put them into the odd collection or the even collection, depending on how many there are. Mrs Ashley-Cooper’s family are in the odd squad or the even team depending on their age ( eg age 5 and you’re in the odd squad, age 4 and you’re in the even team!) You might like to try this with your family.


Next week we are starting our final Talk 4 Writing unit of the year based on the story ‘Whatever Next’ which you may well have at home. We will be reading the story, coming up with actions to help us to retell the story and creating story maps so that we can write parts of the story ourselves.


Just a reminder to apply suncream before school and make sure your child has their sunhat and water each day. Also please can you ensure that on PE days, your child’s hair is tied up.


Thank you again for your continued support. Please feel free to continue to send any photos or videos of your child’s activities at home, as they really help to build a full picture of your child’s progress or experiences.


The Reception Team