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Autumn 1 Week 6 16.10.20


This past week in reception we have been learning about the characteristics of effective learning: creating and thinking critically, playing and exploring and active learning. We have read stories about characters who have shown resilience, motivation and creative thinking and have explored different attributes which show these characteristics of effective learning. The children have designed superheroes: The Explorinator, Maximum Effort and Captain Adaptin’. These three superheroes will help the children make the most of their time in reception by applying a variety of skills to their learning.


In phonics, we have been learning the sounds g, o, c, k and u. As well as recognising the letters and being able to say the sounds, the children have been practising the formation of these letters too. Keep practising at home with your green speed sounds book and using the handwriting sheets for extra practise. The green books include the handwriting phrase which you can practise at home together. This will help to consolidate the formation of these letters. We have been continuing with lots of Fred Talk, blending sounds orally. The children have also moved onto using magnet boards, listening to a word and finding the correct letters to represent those sounds. They have done really well putting the sounds onto their board in the right order and then using ‘Fred Talk, Read the Word’ to blend. You could use your flash cards at home to make CVC words such as pin, tip, tap, dog, got. Explain to your child that you are going to Fred Talk (sound out each separate sound) and then read the word. You may have to help your child to blend but this is still good practice and will help your child to hear the sounds in the word.


In maths, we have continued learning about the number 2. The children have used numicon to represent 2 and have used the language of one more and one less. We have looked at 2 on a ten frame, within pictures and hunted for it around the classroom. Can you find any items that come in pairs or 2 of something at home? Continue to practise counting to 10. You could make your own number cards and practise ordering these.


Next week we will learn:

Sounds: b, f, e, l, h

Maths: We will be sharing 1 and 2 objects and will discuss ideas of fair and unfair sharing. You could have a go sharing toys or food items at home. We will also introduce money by looking at 1p and 2p. We will be discussing what the coins look like.

Understanding the world: What makes me unique? Also the whole school are exploring the theme of equality.


Have a lovely weekend!


The Reception Team