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Week 9 (Sum 2, Wk 2) 08.06.20 - 12.06.20

Good Morning Year 4!

It was lovely last week to see so many of you so engaged with your home learning grid and enjoying your Theme Park tasks so much, we saw some wonderful work - keep it up!


This week's home learning grid is all about keeping a healthy mind and a healthy body. There are lots of tasks on your grid which centre around creating a balanced diet, helping to take care of your mental health and physical activities to help keep your body active!


As always, please send your class teacher any of your work that you are particularly proud of or any work that you would like some feedback on!


Have a great week!


Mrs Hayton and Miss Lax


The sheets for the maths work are pictures and not pdf documents and therefore are difficult to print. As such, you can use the pictures to see the questions and write the answers down either in your home learning book or on a sheet of paper.

Planning your own Olympic Games


1. Create an opening ceremony - who would you like to perform? How are you going to tell everyone about the country that is hosting?


2. Create a schedule of events - What events are you going to include? Are you going to create any of your own, new events for your Olympics?


3. Design your medals - what will your Olympic logo look like.


4. Create a closing ceremony - how are you going to summarise everything that has happened during your Olympic Games?

Eat Well Plate