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Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection are sensitive areas in which all staff receive regular training. Farsley Springbank Primary School and other services for children and families all work together to support the needs of children.


At Farsley Springbank there are six members of staff who are trained to be designated safeguarding officers: Miss S Percival (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Mrs L Pugh (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Mrs S Grime (Deputy Safeguarding Lead), Miss B Dean, Mrs J Walton and Miss C Ferguson.  If you have any concerns regarding safeguarding and child protection, please contact one of the designated members of staff. 

Picture 1 Miss S Percival - Designated Safeguarding Lead
Picture 2 Mrs L Pugh - Designated Safeguarding Lead
Picture 3 Mrs S Grime - Designated Safeguarding Deputy
Picture 4 Miss B Dean - Designated Safeguarding Staff
Picture 5 Mrs J Walton - Designated Safeguarding Staff
Picture 6 Miss C Ferguson - Designated Safeguarding Staff

There are also two named governors for Safeguarding and Child Protection: Mrs Sally Brookes and Mr Simon Bradshaw.


The child protection policy can be viewed below.

To find out more about our safeguarding procedures, please go to the link below.