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Equality Week 21.10.19

Equality week:

As part of equality week, 3L and 3RS have looked at the artist Andy Warhol. We discussed what equality and diversity meant. We also discussed how everyone should have the same opportunities in life, regardless of who they were. To celebrate the fact that we are all different, we made an Andy Warhol inspired collage, focusing on the features that make us unique.

Racial equality - 22.10.19: 

Today, the children in year 3 looked at racial equality over the years. The children's main task for the day was researching different empowering people that had substantially changed the course of history over the years. We looked at iconic people such as Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and Mary Seacole. Once they had finished their research, the children presented their findings to the rest of the class and we discussed how our differences is the factor that makes each of us special. 

Gender equality - 23.10.19:

On Wednesday, we focused on gender stereotypes. We read extracts from Bill’s New Frock and discussed examples of gender stereotyping. The children then invented their own examples of stereotyping and created a drama scene to demonstrate it to the class. We then worked as a class to resolve the stereotypes and discussed how gender was irrelevant to the choices you made in life.