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4B Lineham Farm 19.02.24-21.02.24

Arriving, settling in and making beds!

The children enjoyed a drink on arrival before heading off to their bedrooms to unpack and make their beds, which was great fun!

Climbing - Blue group

Cycling - Green group

Lineham Explorers - Yellow group

Games room and relaxing!

After spending the afternoon engaged in activites, the children enjoyed the time they had to play games and relax with their friends.


After a delicos lunch of pizza and chips, the children tucked into pasta bolognese with garlic bread followed by cake.  


The children were excited to head off on the night walk.  They did some star gazing as well as trying to spot wildlife.

Bushcraft - Yellow group - Day 2 


The children learnt important bushcraft skills like starting and maintaining a fire!

Cycling - Yellow Group - Day 2

 The children learnt some mountain biking skills and took them from the easy gravel path all the way to the jump track! 

Bushcraft - Day 2 - Blue group 


The children learnt important survival skills like starting and maintaining a fire and roasting marshmallows! 

Lineham explorers - Blue Group - Day 2 


The children explored Lineham Farm and made friends with some of the resident animals! 

Lineham Explorers - Day 2 - Green Group


The children explored Lineham Farm and made friends with some of the resident animals!

Climbing - Day 2 - Green Group 


The children learnt climbing techniques and challenged themselves on the walls and Jacobs Ladder! 



Film Night

The children all settled down to watch a film in the games room with hot chocolate! 

Climbing - Yellow Group - Day 3 


The children practiced climbing techniques on the walls and on the challenging Jacobs ladder. They encouraged and supported each other through out!