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'The Little Suitcase' 3.10.2018

Judith Rhodes visit 3.10.2018

On Wednesday, we were incredibly lucky to be visited by Judith Rhodes who came to share the story of her mother, Ursula Michel, with us. Ursula was the daughter of a Jewish father and Protestant mother and when the Nuremburg laws were passed, the whole family, including Ursula's sister Lilli were in danger. Her parents made the decision to send Ursula on a Kindertransport train to England, knowing they would likely never see their daughter again. Judith shared with us her mother's journey and brought her mother's tiny suitcase which accompanied her from Germany to Britain. Ursula wrote to her sister and parents as often as she could, but very sadly they are believed to have perished in a concentration camp in 1942. The children had chance to ask lots and lots of questions which helped to further their knowledge. Thank you as always to Judith for coming to share such a personal story.