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Autumn 2 Week 5 4.12.20


This week the children have continued to work hard in their phonics groups, learning new sounds or recapping previous ones. They have all been blending sounds together to make words and have been practising reading words and in some groups phrases too. They have been working on their writing too, forming letters and words. Please continue to practise the sounds at home, making words using the cards and forming letters and words. At home you could have a sound hunt: put some sound cards around the room and give your child a sound then they have to collect it. Or you could have a word / phrase hunt (using the sounds your child knows) where you write some words or phrases and see if your child can find them around the room, garden or even the whole house!


In Maths, we started to learn about the number 5. We have explored different things to do with 5 and different ways to make 5. We have used the language one more and one less and have used our ten frames when listening to stories about numbers, using objects to represent amounts. At home you could have a go making some stories with objects, for instance, ‘There is an empty bus with 5 seats. 2 penguins get on. How many seats are left? If 1 more gets on, how many on are the bus now?’ As you tell the story, encourage your child to move objects to represent the amounts in the story.


In Understanding the World, we have been learning about different types of animals, first of all looking at the animals in Dear Zoo and then thinking about other types of animals in our world and what sort of features they have or where they might live.


Thank you for all the costumes you have sent in for our Christmas play. If you have not yet brought it in, please could you bring it on Monday so we can get all the costumes organised for filming, which will take place next week. If you are struggling to get hold of something, please just send a message on Tapestry and we will see what we can do to help.


Next week:

In phonics, we will continue with our phonics groups, reading words and in some groups reading phrases too, forming letters and spelling words.

In Maths, we will continue to learn about the number 5 and we will be learning names of 3D shapes and will be learning about their properties using the language faces, corners and edges.

In Understanding the World, we will be learning about Christmas. What do we know about Christmas? Does everyone celebrate Christmas? We will be learning about the Nativity story and when and where this took place.


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday.

The Reception team