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Autumn 2 Week 7 22.12.23



This week we put on our production ‘Whoops – a – Daisy Angel’. We were so proud of the children in their first school show. They did brilliantly in remembering lines and learning songs and actions.

We have had a fun and busy week with the production, making cards and calendars, enjoying our Christmas party and had a disco where we did lots of dancing!  The children are definitely ready for a break and we hope you have lots of fun together this Christmas.


In maths this week we have been continuing consolidating knowledge of number to 5. We have been solving problems involving adding, subtracting and sharing. At home over the holidays you might count up Christmas presents or how many sprouts you have on your plate for Christmas dinner. You might like to share out Christmas sweeties equally or unequally and discuss how your child knows which amounts are equal and how they know.


In Understanding the World, we have been learning about how Christians celebrate Christmas. The children have thought about how parents prepare for having a new baby and how babies are celebrated when they are born. The children have learnt about the Christian story of Christmas and thought about what gifts were brought to Jesus and compared them to gifts that we would buy new born babies now. We have looked at the world map and found where Bethlehem is and we have talked about what life was like in the past when Jesus was born.


After the holidays it will be our annual Arts Week. Our theme this year is ‘Animals’. We will be learning about the artist Paul Klee and finding out about his style of art and will be doing lots of art-based activities around this theme, including workshops in music and storytelling.


Thank you for the lovely gifts and cards you have sent in this week. As always, we don’t expect anything at all but we really do appreciate it.


We hope you have a lovely Christmas.

The Reception team