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The Journey 29 + 30.10.21

National Holocaust Centre Visit 29-30.10.2021

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Year 6 were visited by Jan from the National Holocaust Centre in order to further our knowledge of World War 2 and the events which happened during this period of history. In our previous learning, we had studied Kindertransport and the Holocaust and these sessions gave the children an incredible opportunity to hear about life in Nazi Germany from a survivors perspective. We started the day by meeting Leo, a young German Jewish boy living in Berlin in the late 1930s. We saw his life change over the years until he escaped persecution on a Kindertransport. The children explored attitudes and feelings towards Jewish people at the time and made connections between their previous learning and some of the events of Leo's life. In the afternoon, children had to opportunity to talk to Holocaust survivors through an app which has been developed in order to share survivor testimony long into the future.