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Yorkshire Wildlife Park 10.01.2020


Year 6 had a fantastic end to our first week back after their holidays, enjoying a visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to kick off our science topic all about evolution and inheritance. We took part in a session with one of the park's resident educational officers who talked us through adaptation and evolution. During the session, we learnt about Charles Darwin and his study on Galapagos Finches. We used every day tools to mimic the beaks of different birds, using our investigation to decide which bird was most likely to survive. The children had chance to handle millions of years old dinosaur egg fossil, as well as a real ostrich egg! We also answered that age old question, 'How many Year 6 children can you fit in a T-Rex footprint?'. After our session we spent time exploring the park and seeing all the fabulous animals. The children used their new-found knowledge to chat about what adaptations some of the animals had evolved to have. It was a fantastic day which started our science topic with a bang!