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Week 7 Learning through Play 14.12.18

Learning through Play

This week has been hectic! We started the week by setting the stage up in RS so that we could fit more rehearsals in. This meant that we couldn't use all of the RS provision (RBC was still open) so we got out some board games which the children absolutely loved! They were able to practise their reading, number and fine motor skills all through their play. This week the children really enjoyed playing in the playdoh bakery creating all sorts of cakes to meet their customer's demands. They took phonecalls, wrote down their orders, created and baked the goods and then charged their customers a fee - it was all very professional. 


Today the children discovered that the water in the water area had frozen which lead to a discussion about temperature and the affect it has on water. The children were fascinated by how the ice had formed and even found that some ice had formed in a metal bowl creating an ice bowl.


This morning we read a book called 'We're going on an elf chase' which sparked a discussion all about elves and how they learn to become elves. So, this afternoon we set up Elf School. Some children made elf hats, some built elf houses using the 3D shapes and others wrote elf school registers. Take a look at our busy week!