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Lineham Farm residential for Year 4

Lineham Farm Children's Centre

Lineham Farm Children’s Centre is situated in Eccup near Alwoodley in Leeds and offers a range of outdoor and adventurous activities, which we are confident the children will love.


The centre runs specially designed courses for primary schools with safety as the highest priority.  The three-day stay involves a range of different activities that we choose from.  The types of activities on offer are: Archery, Indoor Climbing Wall, Indoor Bouldering Wall, High Ropes, Night Line, Mountain Biking, Animal Care, Low Ropes and Bushcraft all of which are run by Lineham Farm staff.  Activity based residentials are brilliant for building both resilience and confidence as well as developing teamwork skills.  The children will be encouraged (but never forced) to overcome fears and challenges so the sense of achievement they often feel is enormous.

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