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Lineham Farm residential for Year 4

Lineham Farm Children's Centre

Lineham Farm Children’s Centre is situated in Eccup near Alwoodley in Leeds and offers a range of outdoor and adventurous activities, which we are confident the children will love.


The centre runs specially designed courses for primary schools with safety as the highest priority.  The three-day stay involves a range of different activities that we choose from.  The activities Year 4 will be doing are: indoor climbing wall, indoor bouldering wall,  Jacob's ladder, mountain biking, Lineham explorers which includes animal care and bushcraft all of which are run by Lineham Farm staff.  Activity based residentials are brilliant for building both resilience and confidence as well as developing teamwork skills.  The children will be encouraged (but never forced) to overcome fears and challenges so the sense of achievement they often feel is enormous.

Cost and Payment Options for Lineham Farm

We are aware that the cost of the residential is significant at £145 but we believe it is great value for money as provides the children with a wonderful opportunity to experience outdoor and adventurous activities in a safe and fun environment.  All children eligible for Pupil Premium funding receive a 50% discount.

We always aim to give parents and carers a year to pay and we are very flexible about when the payments are made.  We can create a payment plan to suit each family so the cost becomes manageable.  Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, a one off payment or in any other way that suits you using ParentPay. We hold a parents meeting prior to the trip taking place.

Activities at Lineham Farm

The children have the opportunity to take part in several organised activities that are run by Lineham Farm's staff and as well as enjoy time playing games in the evenings.


The bushcraft session provides the children with an amazing opportunity to use the woodland area surrounding Lineham Farm to learn about surviving in the outdoors.  The children experience building and lighting a fire, building a shelter and even cooking over the camp fire.  

Lineham Farm Explorers

Lineham Farm is unique as it offers the children the chance to experience looking after and being with a number of different animals they have at their farm.  The children combine this with a woodland walk around the area which includes walking up a shallow stream, climbing over and under natural resources and just enjoying the great outdoors. 


Lineham Farm has an amazing barn which houses a huge climbing wall that has eight separate pitches of varying grades to suit all abilities and needs.  There is also Jacob's Ladder which challenges children to climb to the top and stand up...not easy but great fun!

Mountain Biking

Night walk

On the first evening the children go out on a night walk led by Lineham Farm staff.  They explore the area around Lineham Farm so it is handy to have a torch.  If it is a clear night sky, it is amazing how many stars you can see as there is very little light pollution.  It is an exciting way to end of the first day.

Games Room

There is a fantastic games room at Lineham Farm where the children have time to relax and enjoy in the evening.  There is plenty to do...table tennis table, table football, giant jenga, a piano and lego but if they fancy doing something quieter they can draw and chill out in the lounge. 

Settling down at the end of the day

At the end of each busy day, the children come together to reflect on their achievements and challenges faced whilst enjoying a hot chocolate.