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Autumn 2 Week 4 27.11.20



This week the children have been working hard in their phonics groups, learning new sounds or recapping previous ones. They have all been blending sounds together to make words and have been practising reading words. In addition, they have been working on their writing, forming letters and words. Please continue to practise the sounds at home, making words using the cards and forming letters. At home, you could play words splat by writing out CVC words that contain sounds your child is learning. Place the words down on the table/floor and then say the sounds for your child to blend, they then splat the word. Or you could say the word so your child has to segment the sounds.


In maths, we have continued our learning about the number 4. We have been using apparatus to help our understanding of how 4 can be made using other numbers, for example; 3 and 1, 2 and 2 .  We have used ten frames with counters to show the different number bonds that make up 4. We have also compared Numicon up to 4 using the language of 1 more and 1 less, looking at how the number changes each time. We have discussed sharing amounts up to 4 fairly and unfairly. At home you can practise sharing amounts by setting up a picnic with 4 toys and sharing food items such as 1 sandwich, 2 apples, 3 biscuits and 4 tomatoes.


We have also starting our Talk for Writing unit on Dear Zoo. The children have learnt the story using actions and have drawn a class story map, some children have even started drawing their own story maps. These techniques help them develop their own vocabulary and storytelling techniques meaning they will be able to create amazing stories in the future. At home you can encourage your child to retell the story of Dear Zoo using the actions they have practised at school.


We have continued to learn the songs for our Christmas production. Mrs Ashley-Cooper has posted videos on Tapestry so you can learn them at home too!


Next week:


In phonics, we will continue in our groups recapping sounds and blending them to make words.


In Maths, we start our learning on number 5, where do we see 5 in our environment? What does 5 look like? How can we represent 5?


We will continue our Talk for Writing unit on Dear Zoo. The children will use their story maps to retell the story, we will then innovate the story by changing the animals.


We hope you have a lovely weekend. See you on Monday!

The Reception Team