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Week 7 (Sum 1 Wk 5) 18.05.20 - 22.05.20

Special mentions from Miss Lanaway

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Well done last week year 3! I’m so incredibly proud of each and everyone of you working your socks off to keep busy and motivated! I ran out of time on my video but I just want to say a huge thank-you to the parents that are providing all these wonderful learning opportunities for the children and Jude, I meant to say, well done for learning to ride a bike!! Super impressed with you!
I’m in and around school this week so if any of you are in, come and say hello please! Enjoy the learning grids and keep going with my maths and spelling shed! You’re all fabulous.
Miss Lanaway

A little message from Miss Smith

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TTRS battle dates and times: 

May 19th - 1pm - 3L girls vs boys

May 20th - 1pm - 3RS girls vs boys

May 21st - 1pm - 3L vs 3RS

English Task Arrival at Hogwarts

English Task - Planets

Henry Moore