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Summer 2 Week 2 14.6.24



This week we have continued with our minibeasts topic. The children have enjoyed using the magnifying glasses to look for more minibeasts in our garden and they have been completing some wonderful bug factfile pieces of writing. We have learnt about useful minibeasts such as bees. We have learnt about spiders and different types of spiders around the world. The children have been busy in the creative area using their fine motor skills to create some wonderful spider webs and collaging insects making sure they have a head, thorax and an abdomen, just like in our favourite song! Here is a link:


Next week we will be doing our final Talk 4 Writing unit based on the story of The Three Little Pigs. The children will be learning the story off by heart with actions too. They will be having a go at writing the story themselves too using their fantastic phonic knowledge.


This week in maths the children have been identifying pattern repeats, combining 3 numbers to make a total and working on the composition of number with numbers to 10. Here is a number bonds game you might like to try: And this next game involves adding 3 numbers to make a total (your child might like to use objects to help them work out the answer):


Next week in maths the children will be using positional language to describe the position of one thing to another. Vocabulary will include in front, behind, next to, in between, on top and under. You might like to hide a teddy and when your child finds it can they use this language to describe where it is? ‘It is on top of the fridge! It is under the bed!’ The children will also be practising number bonds to 10.


Next week your child will need PE kit on Tuesday and Wednesday for our Sports Day practice and then the real thing on Wednesday morning. Fingers crossed for the weather!


Please continue to send in sun hats, apply sun cream and provide your child with a water bottle each day as they weather continues to be warm and sunny.


We hope you have a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team