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Spring 2 Week 6 28.3.24



It was lovely to see lots of you this week at the Stay and Play sessions. Thank you for coming in and sharing in your child’s learning.


We were blown away by the wonderful Easter egg creations that your children have made. Thank you for your support in this. They loved showing their creations to their friends and they all had a chance to look at the creations made by the other children in school too.


This week in maths we have been exploring different arrangements of 10, partitioning 10 into different numbers and learning about doubling and halving.


After the holidays we will progress onto teen numbers. We will look at how teen numbers are made, focusing on the language of tens and ones. We will notice that the 1 in a teen number represents a 10 and then see how many ones there are. At home you could notice teen numbers around the local environment or practise counting past 10.


This week in Understanding the World our topic is called ‘What a Wonderful World’. We have been considering the changes in the seasons and what we do or don’t like about the different seasons. We have been thinking about signs of new life which we see in the Spring, such as new plants starting to grow and baby animals hatching from eggs and being born.


After the holidays, in understanding of the world we will look at plants. The children will learn about the different parts of plants, look at similarities and differences and we will learn how to look after plants to keep them healthy.


The children have had a busy half term and have worked really hard. They deserve a well-earned rest! We hope that you have a lovely break over Easter and enjoy some time with your family.


Take care,

The Reception team