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Sikhism Day 20.11.15

In preparation for our visit to the Gurdwara next week, Year 5 had a brilliant day learning all about Sikhism. We began the day by focusing on the origins of the religion, and created our own true or false quiz of the facts that we had learned. We looked at the five ks and thought about what these beliefs might represent. 


We listened to the Mool Mantra - the first part of the Holy book Guru Granth Sahib - and thought about how this connects to the ideas we had heard about God from other religions. We found out that there are many similarities, such as a belief one God and that God is the creator. 


We then had a focus on the 10 Gurus of the Sikh religion and created a mini fact file for each. We were fascinated by the stories of their lives! Did you know that Guru Nanak was a shopkeeper before he began his life as a teacher? 


To end the day, we were challenged to think creatively about different ways we could retell a traditional Sikh tale. We retold the story of 'Guru Nanak and the Jasmine Flower' in a variety of different ways including comic strips and interviews.