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Science - Materials Investigation 02.05.19

In Year 1, the children learn the names and properties of many different materials. They learn to distinguish between the name of an object and the materials from which it is made. The children also think about why certain materials are suitable for making certain things due to their properties. For example, a window is made from glass. Glass is strong, waterproof and transparent. If we had a window made from wood, we wouldn't be able to see through it because it is not transparent. Wood is opaque. 


This week as well as learning all about names and properties of different materials, the children conducted an investigation to see which materials were the best for making a wind and waterproof shelter for Explorer Bear. 

Each group had a certain type of material and had to design a shelter. The children were then given those materials and they built small shelters using only what they had been given. We predicted which shelters would do a good job and which ones would perhaps fall down!


We then tested our shelters with water and wind (from a hairdryer) and recorded our results. All of our shelters were windproof and remained standing throughout the investigation. Some were more waterproof than others - we discovered that plastic Lego and foil were more waterproof than cardboard, newspaper and fabric.