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Nell Bank 15.03.22

Year 1 have enjoyed blue skies and sunshine at Nell Bank today! We have been consolidating our learning about the senses and linking this knowledge to animals and how they use their senses to survive in their habitats. We learnt how badgers use their sense of smell to spot whether predators have been close. The children pretended to be badgers and used their sniffing skills to identify different scents. We experienced what it was like to be a mole with a very poor sense of sight. The children wore a blindfold and had to use their sense of touch to move safely around a rope course. It was surprisingly quiet as the children were concentrating so they could find their way to the end of the course. In the afternoon, we found some big newts, water snails and water boatmen when we went pond dipping. In the woods, we used our ‘minibeast extraction tools’ (spoons!) to find some snails, beetles, worms, slugs and millipedes under the stones and logs. One of our favourite parts was playing in the fantastic woodland play area, especially the music station where we used sticks to create some (very loud) drumming rhythms. The staff at Nell Bank were so friendly and knowledgeable and the children had a really great day!