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Week 10 (Sum 2 Wk 3) 15.06.20-19.06.20

Good morning, my apprentices!


Hope you've had a wand-erful weekend and done lots of enchanting things. You may have already guessed the theme for this week - that's right - MAGIC! Be prepared for an abracadabraly brilliant time and lots of apparitions of the main magician himself - Harry Potter! I wand-er what marvellous work will impress us this week? Maybe it'll be the spell(ings) or enchanted stories! Ask your adults to print them off and slight-of-hand them to you. It doesn't matter witch task you create, whatever you conjure up, we will of curse put them on the web-site. 


We hope you enjoyed learning all about the ocean last week in celebration of world ocean day. 


We are missing you all so much and hope you're looking after yourselves! 


Miss Owen and Miss Ferguson