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Olympics 09.07.19


This week the children have been learning all about the Ancient Greek Olympics. They started off by learning all about the history of the Olympic Games; how and where they originated, the type of events which were included and lots of other interesting facts about the games.

The children were then sorted into Greek City States and were given role play cards which told them how people in that city state would have behaved and the friendships that they would have formed with other city states and were encouraged to follow these throughout their Olympic experience! The children decided which of our Olympic events they would like to take part in and made their own city flags and banners for our opening and closing ceremonies in preparation for our own Olympic Games on Tuesday afternoon!

The first ever Springbank Replica Olympic Games was a great success and the children really enjoyed all of the events that they took part in and showed true Olympic spirit throughout. All the children did really well in their events however it was the children from Sparta who took the victory and were crowned (with laurel wreaths) the first ever Springbank Olympic winners!