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Herd Farm residential for Year 5

Herd Farm Activity Centre

Herd Farm Activity Centre, which is situated near Harewood Estate in Leeds, is set in 16 acres of countryside surrounded by farmland and woods and offers a range of outdoor and adventurous activities which we are confident the children will love.


Herd Farm have a great team of skilled and experienced activity staff who deliver a  programme of outdoor activity for our children.  The children have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities such as high ropes, BMX biking and an assault course.  The activities are great for building confidence, developing team work skills, developing new skills and improving their problem solving skills to name but a few.


Below you will find more information about the residential including information about the cost and ways to pay, the types of activities the children take part in and finally there is a section with answers to questions we are frequently asked by parents.  If you have any other queries regarding the residential, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Cost and Payment Options for Herd Farm

We are aware that the cost of the residential is significant at approximately £135 but we believe it is great value for money as provides the children with a wonderful opportunity to experience outdoor and adventurous activities in a safe and fun environment.

We always aim to give parents and carers a year to pay and we are very flexible about when the payments are made.  We can create a payment plan to suit each family so the cost becomes manageable.  Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, a one off payment or in any other way that suits you using ParentPay. We give full details at a meeting we hold for parents several months prior to the trip.

Activities at Herd Farm

The children have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities at Herd Farm.  We choose a selection of activities that challenge the children in different ways and provide opportunities for the children to work collaboratively as part of a team.


The children have the opporunity to practice their archery skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Mountain biking

The children have a cycling session where they practice their skills before heading off into the woodland to have a go on a more challenging track. Really good fun!

High Ropes

This activity is not for the faint hearted! Children have to climb up and then manoeuvre themselves around the high ropes, negotiating gaps and wobbly steps as they go. This activity is a huge challenge but one that gives the children a massive sense of achievement too.


Communication and team work are essential in order to complete the Nightline activity successfully.  The children experience the world without sight and have to rely on their other senses and each other to follow the course.

Assault course

The children work together to complete the assault course.  Can be extremely muddy but that just adds to the fun!