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Science Investigation 06.02.19

Science Investigation


Our science topic this half term is, 'Where does poo come from?'. In previous lessons, the children have learnt about what the various organs do as part of the digestive process and what role the teeth have to play in it. In order for the children to truly understand this process, we conducted an investigation into what the digestion process might look like in real life. 

To do this we took some sliced bread and 'chomped' it into little pieces, then we demonstrated how the oesophagus works by squeezing a tube of toothpaste, we placed our bread into a sandwich bag (our stomach) and added some cola to represent the acid in the stomach. The children then all took turns to churn the bread around in the stomach before it passed through into the small intestine (one leg of a pair of tights) and then the large intestine (the other leg of the tights) - this demonstrated how the nutrients and excess water are distributed before it makes its way towards the rectum.

The children really enjoyed their interactive experience of the digestive system and can't wait to learn more about their topic!