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Annual Parent Survey 2013

Annual Parent  Survey July 2013

The document below provides the findings from the Annual Parent Survey July 2013 along with the school's response.   

Below you will find our 'You said, we did' document.  This document summarises parents suggestions for how we could improve our school from the annual survey and what action we have taken in response to the ideas.   There are times when we are not able to act on parental feedback for a specific reason but where this is the case we always endeavour to explain the reason why.  I hope this shows that we do take parents suggestions and comments seriously; we always welcome feedback from parents.

Comments made by parents about what they feel the school does well.

‘My child thrives at Springbank.  We are thrilled with his progress.  He is doing so well with his studies and we really couldn’t ask any more from him or the school.’


‘I have been really happy with the progress my child has made. She has become even happier throughout the years at Springbank.  She really enjoyed being a dancer in the school show and really enjoys her athletics.’


‘I think Springbank is a fantastic school. I think the school is managed really well with good direction.  The class teachers are great with my child.’


‘Springbank is a lovely school and its entire staff are excellent with the children.’


‘The new way of learning with the ‘Big question’ at the beginning has been really good- the children really seem to get involved.  The amount of extra time the teachers put into extra activities for the children. Just a big thank you to everyone at Springbank.  I have to say this has to be my child’s best year.  The topic’s, activities and the positive attitude in learning has been great.’


‘My child has come on leaps and bounds since joining this school.’


‘My eldest is 21 and she attended this school and everything is still the same- welcoming, good and helpful teachers.’


Just want to say a very big thank you for everything you have done for my child during his four years with you at Springbank.  Since joining Springbank he has grown in confidence and been pushed to the best of his ability and due to fantastic teaching achieved excellent SATs results.  I cannot sing the praises of the school enough.  I am grateful that my child got chance to take one of the main roles in the production which made us very proud.  We hope our youngest child begins in Y3 in September she will flourish in confidence the way that our eldest has done.  Thank you so much.’


Everything is done really well at Springbank.  I have to say Springbank is a fantastic school.  You have set my child up for high school and have given her the support she has needed.  I am grateful for everything you have done and am looking forward to my younger child starting in September.’


‘I think everything Springbank does is fantastic.  My child has loved her time here and has never said to me ‘I don’t want to go.’  Keep doing what you’re doing- fab school, fab teachers.’


The team of staff works very well together which clearly shows. Springbank is a very happy school.  Both my children have come on so well, my eldest has continued to do well in high school.  They and I have loved being at the school and I know my child has been given the best start for high school. It’s mostly down to you as school, with a little help from myself.  I would like to thank you all so much very much and I wish the school all the very best for the future.’


‘All staff are fantastic and Miss Percival does a brilliant job at running the school.  I know my child will miss being a part of it.  I wish every member of staff the best of luck.’


‘Can you extend and cater for Year 7 and upwards?!  I do not want my child to have to leave!  She has loved every minute of her time and I am grateful for what you have done for her.  Springbank is a lovely school, filled with lovely people, who work hard and have given my child a good education and set her in good stead for high school. Thank you.’


My son has had a fantastic time at Springbank.  It has gone for too quickly.’


I think overall Springbank does well.  I have felt my child has had the best opportunity in her primary years by attending Springbank.’


Springbank has gone from strength to strength and Miss Percival is doing a wonderful job as Head.’


My child has thoroughly enjoyed her time at this school and I am very impressed and pleased with the hard work and commitment of staff and overall her development.  Thank you.’


We’ve had 4 children at Springbank- all of them remember really fun times at school.’


The open sessions are great.  They give a lovely insight to how are children learn.  It is also great that you have been able to tie in some activities outside school with an after school club, for instance, gardening club + Great Yorkshire Show.  A great way to nurture interests in certain areas.’


I’ve found both of his teachers this year and last year to be very approachable to discuss home life changes and my child’s home/school behaviour.  Thank you.  I have appreciated 100% feedback on any issues/comments I have out forward.’


‘My child was very behind by the end of Y3.  Thanks to Miss Hughes as she has come a long way this year and I hope her teacher in Y5 will keep pushing her.’


I like the way in which topics are handled i.e. Egypt- trip to the museum, ‘Who lives in a house like this?’ I saw the children walking around with their clip boards and all were engaged in what they were doing.  ‘Can we make a sandwich better than Greggs?’ Parents were invited into class.  Great. It gives the children a way to learn without being in a classroom environment. I would like to see more of this.  My child has a genuine interest in the topics covered.  An alternative to classroom learning is exciting for children of this age.  It can be a great way to get children more involved in learning.  The after school clubs are a good idea.  There are a wide range of activities to choose from, students made not have the opportunity to do outside school.  Issue/concerns are dealt with quickly and effectively.  I have found the help from teachers and support from school fantastic.’


Miss Charles is a great teacher.  My child feels motivated to perform well.’


My son has enjoyed a wonderful year at Springbank and is keen to get to school every day.  My husband and I have been so pleased with the progress he has made this year and are looking forward to what he will achieve in his next 3 years with you.  It never ceases to amaze me how much extracurricular activity goes on- I can’t imagine how you ever get a rest!  Thank you to Miss Charles and Mrs Dick for all the help they have given my child this year.  Keep up the great work everyone!’


I love the fact that you encourage the children to be themselves.  The school motto is fab. I often say it to my child when he is saying someone is better than him at something.  I also love the amount of involvement the children get when planning the lessons.  I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff.  I have seen such great improvements in my child’s knowledge and I believe this is down to all the hard work and encouragement the staff have dedicated to him.  I also love the fact that you as Headteacher take such an interest in each and every child.  Both you and your staff are always on hand should we need to talk to you which is a great comfort as a parent.  I have spoken to other parents from other schools and so many people are surprised at the input the children have and wish their schools were more like Springbank.  My child loves school so much which makes us happy.  Well done on such a great job.’


I believe the school is led by a fantastic leadership team and dedicated staff.  I am delighted with my child’s progress and how quickly she’s settled into Springbank.  It is fantastic school and one I’m pleased she is part of.  I strongly believe that’s down to everyone involved in the school.  I was initially concerned when my child started with the new approach to the school curriculum but very soon realised it worked very well.  Great to see how the children have fun and engaged with each subject during open days. We’re all looking forward to Y4.  Wish all the staff as Springbank a well-deserved break.  Many thanks.’


My child has really enjoyed her first year at Springbank. She is making good progress but above all she is happy.  I have felt the staff, particularly her teacher, have got to know my child as an individual and this was reflected in her report.  She is looking forward to Y4.’


‘My child has had an excellent 7 months at Springbank; I have been very much impressed at the rapid progress she has made since joining the school.  We are really proud of her.’


I feel each child is recognised for what they good at whether that is academic or physical etc.  Each child is valued in their own right.  The staff at Springbank seem to enjoy their work and don’t treat it as just a job.  They love and care for all the children in their care and make learning an enjoyable experience.  The whole school trip to Filey was an excellent day out and the children will have memories forever.’


A wonderful school and one I would recommend to other families!’


‘My child started during the year and was integrated smoothly.  He never felt scared and looked forward to going to school.  I would like to thank Miss Charles, Mrs Dick and Mrs Goddard in Y3 for their help and understanding and care they have shown towards dealing with my child’s diabetes.  If it wasn’t for them being so caring it would have made it very difficult for him to fit in so quickly.’


The Leadership at the school and the relationships between the parents and teachers is what makes Springbank a ‘happy’ school.’


‘I think the standard of teaching and extra-curricular activities at Springbank are excellent.  Both children are very happy in a friendly supportive learning environment.’


‘Springbank is a fantastic school, it’s like a large family!  It’s just a shame they can’t stay there forever!’


The school is fantastic and offers to many opportunities due to staff being willing to go that extra mile and give up their free time for clubs etc.  Well done!’


The school still has a ‘village’ feel.  I enjoyed attending the school and now so do my children.’


I would like to mention how lovely the office staff are.  We have been in and out of school quite a lot over the past year and they are always so warm and caring and never make us feel we are a nuisance!  Thank you!’


‘The school has a lovely community family feel to it.  My children have loved the enterprise projects.  I thought it was great how they got to spend the profit on themselves.’