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Annual Parent Survey 2017

Annual Parent  Survey July 2017

The document below provides the summary findings from the Annual Parent Survey July 2017.  

Comments made by parents about what they feel the school does well.

Don't change!


Every time I come into school I see very happy children and the good rapport that they have with the teachers is very evident. My child loves coming to school.


Great school my daughter loves it!! The teachers are fantastic and the head teacher goes above and beyond for the children.


Keep doing what you are doing because all of the staff do an amazing job to engage the children and make them feel safe and happy whilst also providing a good education.


My child has had an amazing 4 years & sad he's leaving but happy to go to high school.


It's a great school and I am proud to say that my daughter attends.


After school clubs, extra activities, the fun way of teaching, open afternoon, parent participation, the parent-teacher relationship, the ability to speak/communicate with teachers, sports day, the seaside school trip.... all 200+!..... their garden... from planting seeds to selling their own produce, learning through music, dance and singing, sitting in lessons and seeing how your child enjoys/learns..... The staff are amazing! They go out of their way to teach, they stay after school, always go the extra mile, always do more than is expected!


Farsley Springbank School is the best school in this area by a long chalk and would imagine is comfortably on a par with anything anywhere in this country, the school IS that good.


Lovely, well run school. Lots of interesting topics and my child has progressed really well. My child enjoys going to Springbank School.


Very happy with school and teaching staff- a credit to the profession.


The school has a great set of teachers who are extremely supportive to both their children and parents.


First years at Springbank. Very impressed with Reception and Year 3 teaching.  So refreshing to have teachers who don't need to be prompted by myself on issues regarding my child.  My older child has done super this year, his confidence has really grown and he is now secure within his year. So pleased for him - he can finally have some confidence in himself which he never had at his previous school. Thanks Miss Sheehan for setting up meetings before I have had to ask, instead of me having to remind the teacher...... Thanks Miss Sheehan for believing in my child and all your encouragement instead of focusing on what he 'can't do'. Both boys have had a great start.


Thank you to all the staff in the school, I think you are all working very hard and doing a great job at getting my son used to learning and growing as an individual.


My daughter has absolutely loved her last 4 years at school and both she and I will be sad to no longer have contact with the school.


Whilst we are still in our infancy of life at Springbank it appears to provide a very friendly and cohesive environment for all its children. An example is the way the older children help & get the younger children involved in activities such as sports day; they are very encouraging and the younger really love it!  A great school all round and we are very pleased to be a part of it. Thank you to everyone involved.


The staff are all amazing and always give their best and respond straight away to problems or enquires and do their best to resolve them.


My son has thoroughly enjoyed his first year at school and always looks forward to going which thanks to the fantastic teachers and staff the school employ.


I think they do an amazing job, in particular after then expansion and growth of the school. It looked seemless to me as parent. Well done.


I couldn't be happier with the teachers, facilities and the boys overall experience at Springbank. They adore Ms Darlison and Ms Simmonds (and Ms Roberts!!!)


Miss Dean and Miss Berry are a strength for Springbank.


Just keep up the excellent work you all do :-)


Great school. Very happy with teaching staff and leadership with Miss P.