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Annual Parent Survey 2012

Annual Parent  Survey July 2012

The document below provides the findings from the Annual Parent Survey July 2012 along with the school's response.   

Below you will find our 'You said, we did' document.  This document summarises parents suggestions for how we could improve our school from the annual survey and what action we have taken in response to the ideas.   There are times when we are not able to act on parental feedback for a specific reason but where this is the case we always endeavour to explain the reason why.  I hope this shows that we do take parents suggestions and comments seriously; we always welcome feedback from parents.

Comments made by parents about what they feel the school does well.

Ethos- Strong values; Provide a caring, supportive, lively, vibrant, friendly, positive and welcoming environment in which the children can learn and grow 8; Positively encourages the children to care for each other;  As a school, Springbank looks to improve and progress 2; Children feel valued; Recognises children’s achievements (not always academic) and rewards them; treat everyone fairly and with respect; children have good manners 2; Springbank is a family 2; All staff treat the children as individuals 2; Openness and friendliness with the children 2; Instil great morals and values into the children to help them grow into well rounded individuals; Work well as part of a team; Nurture the children; Encourage the children; Promoting healthy lifestyle and exercise; Encourage the children to always do their best 2; ‘Be the best you can be’ mindset’.


Teaching and Learning- Great level of teaching 8; Exceptional standards of teaching, care and well-being; Make learning fun and interesting 7; The learning and teaching is fantastic and presented in a fun and engaging way 3; Lots of stimulating activities; Motivating the children in  their studies; lessons are well thought out and there appears to be a lot of effort that goes in to making it fun and interesting; Offers an excellent learning environment 2; Learning partners help the children to take risks; The children’s enthusiasm to learn is wonderful; Good I.T and use of whiteboards; Allowing children to challenge themselves 2; End of year reports; Test results recorded in homework books; Use of internet for home learning- Education City + Mathletics; Homework given is related to topics and within the child’s capabilities.


Behaviour and safety - Good consistent discipline 2; Have an excepted level of behaviour and deals actively with anything that falls below that; Good at sorting problems; Children feel happy, safe and confident 4; Clear boundaries set up for the expectations of the children in both learning and behaviour; Pastoral care is very good 2; Good security; Team points are badges are a great way to boost a child’s morale and confidence; Behaviour around school is excellent 4; I feel confident that my child is well cared for as well as getting a good education; Children allowed to wait inside school before school if raining.


Staff- Have a committed team of staff members who are able to put the ‘buzz’ into learning; Approachable, friendly, helpful staff 14; Every member of staff seems to know every pupil and what they are about; I am impressed with the whole approach from the school/staff towards children including the dedication and encouragement; All the teachers are good to the children and push the children to reach better goals in life; The staff give their time (clubs/productions); Staff talk to the children with such respect; The quality of leadership is outstanding; Monitoring of reading progress and changing books 2; Staff genuinely care about the children and the school; Staff consistently motivated and enthusiastic when interacting with the children; Amazing, innovative staff team which enables its pupils to gain confidence and be the best they can be; Employ brilliant staff.


Enriching the curriculum- Good after school clubs 11; Good trips and excursions 2; School events and celebrations 2; Recent ‘Grease’ production was outstanding shows the dedication of staff and pupils and shows a great deal of team spirit and shared fun within the school; Jubilee celebrations were fantastic; Enterprise projects 3; Garden –pond-ideal for teaching about nature/opportunities for children to work in garden 3; Great school productions 3; Charity events-dressing up; Discos.


Communication- Communication with parents is very good since Miss Percival became Head; Good communication 10; Newsletters 2; Have good partnerships with parents; Great text service which reminds parents of events 2; Excellent communication e.g. bad weather; Getting newsletters by e-mail.


Community- Fund raising events.


Parental Involvement – Really enjoyed the ‘open workshops’ that you did 8; Opportunities for parental involvement; Enjoyed the parent maths workshops 2; Child led assemblies; Very open door approach to parents.


Parent Support- Good parent/child support 2; Listen and help parents and pupils 3; Always open and welcoming to discuss progress or problems; Feel I can contact you with any issues 2; Make all the parents/carers feel included and valued 2; Issues are dealt with promptly and efficiently; Pupil tracker is a great way for parents to keep in touch with child’s progress; End of year reports; Take child’s/parent’s concerns seriously; Head acting on feedback from parents.


School lunchtime- Good themed school lunches; Playground looks fun with lots for the children to do;


Transition- Prepare students for high school


Additional comments about the school

'An efficient well run school with happy children and a staff who are dedicated.'


'What a fantastic school – it is because of how amazing the staff are and a brilliant Headteacher.'


'My child is about to leave Springbank and he has loved every minute of being here and will be sad to leave! It is a brilliant school in every way (I can’t fault it!). '


'My child has struggled in some areas and the school has been really helpful and understanding with ways to help him.'


'I would like to thank you to all staff for the wonderful education and opportunities my child has received at school.'


'I would like to thank the Head and all the staff for making my child’s time at Springbank so happy.The help he received with his writing, especially in Year 6, was amazing.I am sure that as my child moves onto high school he will continue to be happy and successful, thanks to the education and support he’s received at Springbank.'


'We are proud that both our children are happy, mature and confident and the staff at Springbank have played a huge part in this- we can’t thank you enough!'


'Would recommend Springbank to everyone. It’s a proper community school- the heart of the village to us.Our children have enjoyed your school, its staff, as parents we have been pleased with every aspect of the school.The garden area is beautiful and a credit to the school as well as the polite, friendly children.'


'My child has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Springbank and will miss it and all of the teachers who have helped her develop into the confident and self assured girls she now is.'


'It has always impressed me how every teacher knows every child, even if they have never been taught by them.It has a lovely atmosphere in school!'


'The school has a great village appeal.'


'My child had a few problems this year, especially at the beginning of the year with individual children in her class. However, this was dealt with by her class teacher and the Head in an excellent manner which has helped her greatly, especially with her confidence, and has resolved the problem. Thank you for listening. It’s good to know we can call into school if problems are occurring.'


'I feel every effort is already being made to identify where improvements could be made and staff strive to achieve the highest standards.'


'Many thanks for the schools continued support this year.My child continues to enjoy life at Springbank, she has had a few problems that have been dealt with in a caring, professional way.Thank you!'


'My child is loving his time at Springbank.I think you all do a marvellous job in school and hope this continues. Springbank is a lovely school with lovely people!'


'Thank you for all your help and support given to my daughter through her first year at Springbank.I was so pleased with her progress and SAT results.It is a really good school and I am glad my daughter is part of it.'


'Afterschool clubs and celebrations are fabulous.You obviously have excellent teaching staff who are willing to give up their own time for the children to do these things- well done.I think you are a lovely school.'