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First days back at school 25.09.20

Year 6 have had a busy but really happy first few days back at school. It has been absolutely fantastic to have them all back in the classroom and to hear the noise and chatter as they reunite with their class! We have started new learning in history, maths, writing, reading and so much more!

We have dived straight into our World War 2 topic and the questions the children are asking are absolutely fabulous. We have looked at how the war started, who was involved in running the countries and most recently D-Day. We kicked off our D-Day learning by understanding the basic facts such as when and where it took place. We then looked at the war from the perspective of the soldiers and looked at primary sources surrounding the event. The children are certainly engaged in the topic and are testing our subject knowledge by asking incredibly well thought out questions! 

Well done on fabulous return Year 6!