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Autumn 1 Week 2 15.9.23



This week in phonics we started the week continuing blending and segmenting sounds using a range of games with Fred the frog. We have also learned the first 5 sounds, based on our Read Write Inc phonics scheme. These are m, a, s, d and t.


Here are some videos that you might like to use at home this week (the links will expire after 7 days):

m -

a -

s -

d -

t -


Here are some Fred games you might like to play at home:

Fred says (body parts) -

Fred says (actions) -


In maths, we have been looking at counting skills and being able to count quantities by touching one object at a time. (This is called one to one correspondence). You might like to try counting a pile of objects. This can be anything from toys to grapes or even socks! Ask your child to hand you a certain number, for example; Can you get me 5 socks from the pile? Try this with numbers to 5 and if your child is confident, can they do this with numbers to 10? We have also been sorting objects by colour, shape and size.

Here is a link to some number games: 

Here are some number songs: 


As part of our understanding the world topic, ‘Where do we live? Who lives there?’ we have been talking about our houses. The children have shared pictures of their house and have noticed that they are different but have some similarities! We have explored language linked to houses (detached, semi-detached, terrace, bungalow, flat) and have described the houses we live in. The children enjoyed chatting about their families and pets who live with them. At home you could encourage your child to draw a picture of their house, along with the people who live with them. Your child could have a go at labelling the people. We also looked around our school garden and enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells. This is a place that is special to our school community. We thought about places that are special to us. You might like to talk about this more at home and look at photographs together of special places.


We’d like to say how proud we are of all the children following rules and routines and settling into school life.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception team