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Autumn 2 Week 6 10.12.21


Today we have had our dress rehearsal! The children were fantastic, remembered all their lines and knew when to say their lines on time. We are very excited about showing you our hard work next week and spreading some Christmas Joy! Thank you for sending in outfits for the children to wear so we are ready to perform on Monday and Tuesday.


In maths this week we have been reviewing our knowledge of 4 and 5. We have been thinking of the different ways to compose 4 and 5, using 5 frames and counters to show the different number combinations. At home you could use 2 colours of Christmas baubles, ask your child how many ways they can make 4 and 5, for example 3 red baubles and 1 gold baubles. You can use lots of things at home to represent numbers in a range of ways. We have also been learning how to share an amount equally between 2 groups. The children have been using vocabulary such as halving, groups, equal, unequal, fair and unfair to describe how an amount can be shared into 2 groups. At home you could get 2 toys (Elves if they have hijacked your house) and share some Christmas sweets equally between them. Count the amount first to check the total, then share the amount equally, count each group to check the amount is the same. You could also make a mistake to see if your child can identify the mistake and correct it.


This week in understanding the world, we have been learning about how Christmas began and the birth of Jesus. The children have learnt the key events in the Christmas story and have discussed how parents prepare for welcoming a new baby into the family. They have also thought about birthday celebrations and compared them with Christmas celebrations. At home you can talk about the festivals you celebrate as a family and how they are similar and different to Christmas.


Next week in maths we will be continuing consolidating knowledge of number combinations up to 5. We will solve problems that involve, adding, subtracting and sharing.  We will also review positional language: behind, in front, in between, on, under.


In Understanding the World, we will continue to learn about Christmas. The children will look at the world map to find out where Leeds and Bethlehem are. They will also find out how Christmas is celebrated in different parts of the world.


Next week we have the Christmas production on Monday at 2PM and on Tuesday at 9.30am. We are looking forward to welcoming parents into school. Please remember to wear a mask if you are able to. Friday is our Christmas party day! We will be having a disco in the hall, followed by party games in the classroom.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Reception team