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Gurdwara 27.11.19

Visit to the Gurdwara 


As part of our RE topic, the children went to the Gurdwara to learn about how Sikhs pray and worship. The children visited the prayer room, where we learned about the meaning behind the Sikh symbol and the importance of the decorations. We also looked at how Sikhs use the Guru Granth Sahib to pray and why this book is an important part of worship within the Sikh community. The children had to respect the rules of the Gurdwara by removing their shoes and covering their heads. We looked at the 5Ks, which we had discussed in class, and even tried tying a Sikh turban. The children also learned about the Langar (comminity kitchen) where Sikhs come together to eat. All of year 5 were wonderfully behaved and loved finding out about different cultures and religions.