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School Uniform

Our school uniform helps united us as a school family and sets high expectations and standards within school therefore all children are expected to wear our school uniform. 

We are mindful of the costs for our uniform, all parts can be purchased from a wider range of suppliers, reducing the overall costs.

Here is a list of our school uniform:

  • Red or green sweatshirts, jumpers or cardigans with or without the school logo.  Jumpers with our logo are available from the school uniform shop on Town Street.  You can also get the logo embroidered onto a plain jumper at PECO Ltd which is based at the Springfield Commercial Centre on Bagley Lane.  Plain jumpers and cardigans are available from a range of suppliers including most supermarkets.
  • Long grey school trousers/long shorts for boys and girls – not jogging bottoms or fashion trousers please.
  • Grey school skirts may be worn - should be an appropriate length e.g. to the knee.
  • White shirts may be worn with a green and red striped school tie, or if you wish, a white polo T-shirts can be worn.  It is not complusory to have the school logo on the white polo shirt so plain ones can be found in a range of shops.  If you would like to have the logo on the white polo shirt they can be purchased from the school uniform shop on Town Street.
  • Gingham dresses in red or green may be worn.
  • Plain, black, sensible shoes or plain, black trainers for every day school shoes.  No sandals please.

Dress for P.E. and Games.


For inside activities boys and girls wear:

  • Plain white tops and black shorts or black jogging bottoms are our standard P.E. kit
  • Trainers must be worn as they provide better support.
  • Bare feet should be the norm in gymnastics and creative dance. Verrucas can be covered with a plaster unless, so numerous, trainers are the only answer.


For outside activities boys and girls should wear:

  • Plain white tops and black shorts.
  • Trainers must be worn for all outdoor P.E. sessions.
  • Tracksuits are required as if the weather is cold the children will still be outside unless the weather is really poor.  There is a school tracksuit which is a plain black one with the school logo on it. This is available from the uniform shop on Town Street but it is your choice if you wish to purchase one. Alternatively, children can wear a plain dark tracksuit without the logo, which can be purchased from a range of suppliers including supermarkets.


Footwear for PE and Games should be suitable for the conditions:

Trainers for wet grass and field sports,

Trainers for hard surfaces or drier grass conditions.


These, as well as the rest of the uniform, are available from the school uniform shop on Town Street. Please label all uniform as we have the potential to find a pile of 200 unmarked jumpers on a hot day!

Second hand uniform

We regularly hold a second hand uniform sale, where parents can purchase a range of school uniform at a much reduced cost.  If parents need any second hand uniform in between times, please contact the school office on 0113 2558719 or email, who will be able to help.