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Nature Art 15.05.19

Last week the children began our Art topic by learning about what makes a good photograph. They looked at some photographs before creating their own 'Top Tips' for photography. They then took their newly learnt skills outside and took some nature photographs of their own. This week the children have continued to create and experiment with Nature Art and have created nature rubbings and sketches. We then learnt about warm and cold colours and the children matched different landscapes to the two different sides of the colour wheel and using watercolours, they then colour matched what they could see in the photographs. The work they produced was fantastic and they all really enjoyed it. 

The children began to learn about the artist Andy Goldsworthy and looked at some photographs of his sculptures made from natural materials and Land Art. They chose their favourite of his works to copy or write about in their sketch books. Next week, the children will be designing and making their own Land Art from materials they collected yesterday.