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Alien Discovery! 25.02.19

Alien Invasion!


Year 1 returned back to school after half term to find something strange had happened to their classrooms. There were chairs and tables overturned, strange gooey slime on the tables and footprints on the floor. Who had been in our classrooms? Luckily, we could check our classroom 'CCTV' to find out who the culprits were!  The children had great fun working with their partners to discover and record on a map all the evidence that had been left by our extraterrestrial visitors. 


The children discovered that the aliens had left us a message - but it was in an alien language! Year 1 became code breakers and hunted round the classroom to decode the message left by the aliens. The letter told us that they want us to find out all about our solar system and share with them everything we have learnt. Challenge accepted!