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Murton Park 27.05.2021

Murton Park Viking Day

On Thursday, Year 6 enjoyed their first trip of the year to Murton Park where they spent the day living like Vikings in Danelaw. The day started by donning a traditional Viking tunic and then spending time with Ursa, our Viking guide explaining about life in Danelaw for every day people. We learnt about 6 different aspects of the Vikings - sailors, traders, settlers, farmers, soldiers and craftsmen. After this, it was time to face the Lady of the village to see if she would invite us to settle with her people. In no time, we were put to work. We spent time making pottery lamps, milling flour and baking bread, farming the land, gathering wood and most importantly - defending the town! It was a good job we did learn to defend ourselves because we came under attack from an Anglo-Saxon. Through our excellent training and fabulous team work - we managed to see off the threat and return to the settlement as heroes!