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School Staff

Meet the staff at our school...

Leadership Team

Picture 1 Headteacher: Miss S Percival
Picture 2 Deputy Head: Mrs L Pugh
Picture 3 Assistant Headteacher: Mr S Chapman
Picture 4 SENCo: Mrs S Grime
Picture 5 KS1 Leader: Mrs G Simmonds

Administration Team

Picture 1 Senior Admin: Mrs E Goddard
Picture 2 Admin Officer: Mrs B Airey
Picture 3 Admin Assistant: Mrs A Goddard

Year 6 Team

Picture 1 6CG Teacher: Mr S Chapman - English
Picture 2 6CG Teacher: Mrs S Grime - SENCo
Picture 3 6B Teacher: Miss L Brayshay - PE + Healthy Schools
Picture 4 TA: Mrs N Cowley

Year 5 Team

Picture 1 5O Teacher: Miss H Owen - PSHE + RE
Picture 2 5F Teacher: Miss C Ferguson - Science
Picture 3 TA: Mrs L Hardcastle

Year 4 Team

Picture 1 4HA Teacher: Mrs R Hayton - History
Picture 2 TA: Mrs A Moore
Picture 3 TA: Miss R Crossley
Picture 4 TA: Mrs J Wilman
Picture 5 TA: Mrs T Roberts
Picture 6 Learning Mentor: Mrs J Walton

Year 3 Team

Picture 1 3RS Teacher: Miss Rowley-Smith
Picture 2 TA: Mrs F Harris

Year 2 Team

Picture 1 2DS Teacher: Mrs G Simmonds - KS1 English
Picture 2 2DS Teacher: Mrs H Darlison - Maths
Picture 3 TA: Mrs J Hullah
Picture 4 TA: Mrs T Atherton

Year 1 Team

Picture 1 1W Teacher: Miss C Wood - PSHE + RE
Picture 2 1G Teacher: Miss J Groves
Picture 3 TA: Mrs B Horne
Picture 4 TA: Mrs W Lawson

Reception Team

Picture 1 RBC Teacher: Mrs J Bennett
Picture 2 RBC Teacher: Miss L Charles
Picture 3 RB Teacher: Miss B Dean - SENCo
Picture 4 TA: Mrs A Hicks
Picture 5 TA: Mrs T Vincent

Other roles

Picture 1 PPA Teacher: Mrs Ashley-Cooper - Music and French
Picture 2 HLTA: Mrs F Taylor
Picture 3 Learning Mentor: Mrs J Walton
Picture 4 School gardener/Eco-coordinator: Mrs H Fletcher

Lunchtime Staff Team

Picture 1 Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs B Horne
Picture 2 Lunchtime Assistant: Mrs T Vincent
Picture 3 Lunchtime Assistant: Mrs S Clancy
Picture 4 Lunchtime Assistant: Ms R Strain
Picture 5 Lunchtime Assistant: Miss K Dunwell
Picture 6 Lunchtime Assistant: Mrs A Bleasby
Picture 7 Lunchtime Assistant: Miss E Hough
Picture 8 Lunchtime Assistant: Mrs N Kaur
Picture 9 Lunchtime Assistant: Mrs K Woolhouse
Picture 10 Lunchtime Assistant: Mrs J Hullah
Picture 11 Lunchtime Assistant: Mrs J Winston

Buildings Team

Picture 1 Superintendent: Mr K Hardcastle
Picture 2 Cleaner: Mrs A Bleasby
Picture 3 Cleaner: Mrs N Kaur
Picture 4 Cleaner: Mrs K Woolhouse

Catering Team

Picture 1 Kitchen Supervisor: Miss S Waterhouse
Picture 2 Kitchen Staff: Mrs J Griffin
Picture 3 Kitchen Staff:
Music Support Services Peripatetic Teachers