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School Council 27.09.19

We were so proud of how incredibly mature the children were this week when voting for our school council finalists. Around half the pupils in Year 2 bravely chose to stand up and address their peers, summarising the reasons why they would be good council representatives. Some children even took it upon themselves to prepare speeches at home - amazing! They were so brave and confident and articulated themselves brilliantly. Politicians of the future I'm sure! The children very respectfully and sensibly voted for the people they wanted to represent them. There are four finalists in each class who will be going forward to interview in the coming weeks. Updates to follow!


Well done to all of the children who went through an interview with the Year 6 counselors- we can tell you some of the questions weren't easy! In 2DS we had Ethan, Eli, Leah and Zuny. In 2L we had Michael, Owen, Mila and Brooklyn. 


We are so proud of you all, you've done amazing! 

The panel have spoken and I can now reveal that our classroom reps are: 

Ethan and Leah in 2DS

Michael and Mila in 2L

A big congratulations! We have no doubt you will do a fantastic job.