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Feedback from Reception Open afternoons November 2018

Feedback from Reception parents


‘Lovely to see how the story book Dear Zoo was inputted into different areas of learning and how it was extended further than just a story.  I now understand some of the actions my daughter has been doing at home when we read the story.’


‘It was brilliant to see my daughter in class.  To meet the people she talks about and the things she tells me about.  I loved being a part of the afternoon and found it helpful to see the things school does.  Thanks so much for having us.  Miss Smith and Mrs Hicks are legends in our house.’


‘Very interesting.  The children have so much fun, no wonder my child loves it!’


‘All the children seemed to be enjoying the activities and listening and engaging.’


‘My son enjoys a wide range of activities and I made a lot of nice new little friends as the children were very confident to speak to the visiting adults which is a good sign.  Amazing control of the children.  Thank you.’


‘The open afternoon is a great idea, we both thoroughly enjoyed the visit and the time spent with our daughter in the class environment.  We will definitely be attending the next one.’


‘Really enjoyed the open afternoon.  All the children were engaged in their learning and happy to chat to me and involve me in their learning.  Thank you.'


‘Really lovely to see how my son plays and what he is like in a different environment other than home.  Thank you for inviting me to come and see he has settled in so well.’


‘It was good to see what our daughter learns in class.  The story explanation of Dear Zoo was interesting and there are lots of activities in the classroom.’


‘It was lovely to see our son in the classroom environment.  We would have liked to see more but unfortunately we couldn’t due to work commitments. Seeing him at school enabled us to have an insight into his learning and development as he doesn’t always share what he has done.  What is also good to see is what we do at home links with school.  Thank you for the opportunity to visit.’


‘Nice to see my son in the school setting.  Thank you for the opportunity.’


‘Lovely having playtime and seeing them all play with their friends.’


‘It was lovely to spend the afternoon in my son’s class and see how he plays and interacts with the other children in his class.  I feel it was a really good exercise for him as well as he seemed really proud to show me around and show me what he has done in class.  Thank you for welcoming us into the classroom.’