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Feedback from KS2 Parent Open morning March 2016

30 parents and carers attended this open morning.  Here is the feedback they gave us following time in their child's classroom.
‘Well organised and interactive literacy session.  Really enjoyable way to practice describing places and learn some interesting facts about places to visit in France!’


‘Excellent class topic – International Women’s Day.  The teacher really encouraged the children; they had interesting ideas.  Really interesting facts and I’ve learnt a lot today.  Miss Clark also made the learning fun.  Thank you for letting me come and spend time in 5C.’


‘My child need to practice writing a bit bigger.  Good morning, enjoyed it very much.’


‘After sitting in my child’s class doing fractions and times tables, I wish I had been taught in the manner when I was young- I would have found it a lot easier.  I love the interaction and creative way the teachers teach methods by using games – we especially had lots of fun with the fractions dominoes!’


‘Great to see the children learning about International Women’s Day and gender stereotypes in such an animated way.’


‘Really enjoyed the lesson.  It was fantastic to see such an important subject begin discussed in school (International Women’s Day – challenging gender stereotypes).  Miss Brayshay ensured all the children were involved in the lesson; it was nice to see everyone working well together.’


‘All the class are so well behaved.  Today’s lesson was based on ‘International Women’s Day’.  I enjoyed participating in this and finding out what the children had to say.’


‘As usual, Miss Hughes and Mr Moorhouse had all the children engaged and focused.  I love coming to open sessions.’


‘A great session talking about ‘International Women’s Day’.  The children were really engaged and considered well the issues involved.  A great thought provoking lesson.’


‘The topic was all about inequality and sexism; they are very important topics to discuss with children to improve their understanding of the views of other people.  A really informative sessions today.’


‘Children engaged in topic.  Lots of discussion and participation.  A good session.’


‘Great class discussion, everyone involved.’


‘Mathematical concepts were clearly explained.  Children were engaged and encouraged, even when they had not fully understood, to take part and give it a try.  The lack of children being in ability groups meant that the children not at the level of the lesson were not part of the class activity and worked on something different- not sure about this.’


‘The open session today was great. As a woman it made me proud to be a woman.  It’s fantastic that this is being taught to both out young boys and girls.  Great hearing the children discuss the issues.  Great job!’


‘I have enjoyed my morning in school.  It is helpful to see how the children learn and to listen to their ideas.’


‘I am happy with the way pupils are taught.  Good to see brilliant effort.  Noticed a few children were shy to speak up.  I would appreciate if there was some way to boost these children confidence to speak in front of the class.’