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Feedback from KS2 Parents Open morning November 2015

'Very impressed with teacher, support and lesson. My child looked well supported and enjoying task.'


'Really well explained (mathematics). Thought it worked well how the class worked together then those who were unsure went through the problem with the teacher and those who understood could work through more problems. Assistants really helpful checking around for children needing help.'


'Really enjoyed the maths lesson, was very well explained and made fun.

Thank you, think it is good how the teaching assistants walk round the class to give the support if needed.'


'A very insightful open session. It was interesting to observe the teaching methods and approach to English and maths. I was pleased to see the progress in the children’s understanding of sentence structure and their use of nouns, verbs and adjectives. It’s clear that my child still struggles a little with his writing but his comprehension was fine.

While my presence perhaps distracted my child at times, I would happily encourage other parents to attend these sessions if only to appreciate just how patient the teachers are with the children. Miss Ross clearly has a great relationship with all the children.



'I really enjoyed being part of my child's learning this morning. I found it really interesting especially how my child approached his math’s questions. It made me think how I could explain things when helping him at home.  A very well behaved class too. Thanks.'


'I like the lolly stick method of random selection. I think the interactive whiteboard is a great way of visualising subtraction problems.'


'Could only stay a short time but it was nice to see my child in action. Thanks.'


'I enjoyed my time in the class. I only came in for half an hour but ended up staying the whole time.  It was all very interactive and all kids were taking part. I also ended up taking part with the children. Mr Bradshaw was really good. The mood in the class was very light and happy.'


'The teaching from Mr Bradshaw is excellent. Brilliant style manner and you can see that the children learn from him and listen to him.  I was surprised at the level of English that the children are learning.'


'Children were very engaged in the lesson.  It was better than going to work!'


'I loved this lesson! Great energy from Mr Bradshaw. Even I felt confident with binary. I could see the children really enjoyed maths. That’s a first in my experience!'


'We really enjoyed seeing how the class work through their exercises in reading and writing.  Thank you.'


'Really enjoyed the maths class. Shame about the disruptive children on my child’s table. Liked the use of the whiteboard. Not sure how the outcomes are measured as some of the children appeared to be unsure of the answers.'


'Good PE lesson, fun hand ball skills. Times tables – kept interest. Kaitlyn still doesn’t feel challenged though.'


'Great maths lesson. It was good to see children set different challenges which I assume were based on ability. This must take a lot of time to prepare but seemed to work very well as all the children were engaged in their own learning. I really enjoyed it, thank you.

P.S. Miss Brayshay used great humour when somebody trumped in class! I thought it was great that she let the children get their giggles over with and then asked them to take a deep breath. It was over with very quickly. Well done and sorry I laughed too!'


'PE – it was good to see the indoor PE session. This was a very good session. The children were encouraged to partake both in verbal communication whilst providing team working and gaining exercise at the same time. It also encouraged the children to think about how to perform a task quickly.  Maths – I was only able to stay a short while but enjoyed the learning style for the times tables.'


'PE was fun and the children obviously enjoyed the combination of sporting skills and communication/ teamwork. Great to see them all working together and having fun.

Maths was good too – nice to have the more confident children challenged in a different way. There is such a nice buzz in the classroom and all seem to enjoy the challenges given.'


'Now that we have “played” with numicon it’s made sense. Seeing how they divide with 10ths and 100ths I am able to help my child more at home.'


'Really enjoyed numeracy using the numicon to work out decimals like how the children write an explanation to what they were doing so they understand and the teacher knows. PE fantastic, loved joining in. Miss Clark is amazing, calm but firm and fair. Enjoyed the morning. Will use what I have learnt to help with homework.'


'Thoroughly enjoying coming in to my child’s class. It was nice to see how it all works now as totally changed from when I was at school. All the children are well behaved and listen to their teacher.  Loved coming.'


'An interesting lesson about earthquakes. I learnt something! Children were enthused and interested.'


'The first session was an exciting maths lesson with Mrs Pugh. This session made maths “come alive” for the children. It was fascinating for the children to work out how the magician worked out how she performed this mind-reading trick.  The second session was topic work on natural disasters. It was fascinating and the teacher’s  knowledge (Miss Craig) was amazing. The children were animated and really involved in the discussions.

I think I’ll come back to school. I learn something every time I attend these sessions!'


'Really enjoyed playing a maths game. It really got all the children thinking about strategy and problem solving. It also highlighted how important number bonds are.'