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Feedback from KS2 Parent Open afternoon January 2015

30 parents and carers attended this open afternoon.  Here is the feedback they gave us following time in their child's classroom.
'Tres bien!  Good class participation- very good French lesson.’


 ‘Another very enjoyable lesson, look forward to more.’


 ‘Really enjoyed the French lesson and it was great to see so many ways to learn the subject e.g. games, singing, practice etc.  Teacher was very enthusiastic and made the lesson fun.’


 ‘This was my first class visit to Springbank and I was really pleasantly surprised by how unfussed it all was.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to see my child in action.  The French lesson took me back some years!  Many thanks.’


 ‘Again another great afternoon spent.  Good to see the children enjoying their lessons. Thank you for making time.  Love the fact the children can enjoy the snow, brilliant idea!’


 ‘Mrs Ashley-Cooper was teaching French to the children. It was a really enjoyable lesson and the children were very happy learning.  She made the lesson fun and had the children’s full attention throughout.  I really enjoyed it too.  Thank you.  The repetition of the words in all the different voices was really good and the children found it funny as well as very informative.’


 ‘Fun way for the children to learn a language.  We always have a good time at the open sessions.’


‘Tres bien!  A fun lesson with lots of opportunities for the children to learn different vocabulary in different ways.  Merci Beaucoup!


 ‘I really enjoyed the lesson.  It was interesting to see the pupils use the information they had collected whilst doing their learning logs.  I also liked the way the discussion was carried out- each child had a block which they could spend when giving their opinions so every child was given a chance to speak.’


‘An interesting discussion about the ‘best’ planet.  A good way to explore the different aspects of the planets.  The building blocks were a great idea, giving all the children the opportunity to share their opinion.’


 ‘The class had a great debate about planets.  I loved that every child participated.  The class allowed each other time to speak and make their own points without interruption.  They were all very respectful.’


‘Really interesting and fun lesson.  The class were having a discussion about which planet they thought was the best.  The children were spending multilink to add their points.  All the children were so enthusiastic.  Great teaching- wish I could have stayed for the whole lesson.’


‘It was great to see the class taking place.  All the children seemed to be enjoying being in the classroom.  I liked the idea of the cubes so that everyone participated.’

Topic lesson in science- lots of class discussion.  It was nice to see all the children enthusiastically engaged in the space discussion.  The children were encouraged to use lots of different language and the class appeared to enjoy the lesson.  Interesting use of multi-link to build up on the discussion and keep the children thinking and reflecting the work they had researched.’


 ‘3B were mummifying dolls,   Everyone was enjoying the lesson.  It was a great way to implement what the children had learnt.’


‘Was good to see them doing gymnastics in PE with the coaches coming in.  The other lesson in the classroom was good- reading and questions.  I like the new approach with the reading.’


‘Lovely guitar session; doesn’t need to be bigger though at this stage.  ICT- a great use of technology and to see the children so confident in their use of it.  Lovely class and loved the way the teacher engaged with the children.  To summarise: interactive, fun, interesting and creative- well done Springbank!’


‘My child was doing PE.  The class was enjoyable and it was good how the children that were struggling were taken away and given one to one teaching.  There were plenty of teachers to make sure everyone was doing it right.  The teachers were really encouraging with the children that were struggling with certain movements.  Don’t know the name of the male coach that took the class but he was really good with one of the children who got upset.’

School response: There are rare occasions when a child becomes upset during a lesson; this can be for a variety of reasons such as feeling frustrated.  We would expect all staff to respond to such a situation in a calm, positive manner and to support the child appropriately so they can continue to participate in the lesson and with their learning as the coach did in this case.


‘Really enjoyed the class today.  Mr Bradshaw was brilliant and the children really enjoyed the work.’


‘Really enjoyable session.  Good chance to help our child and other children too!’


‘An interesting session about the text in a book.  The children were really encouraged to think about what they had read and what information would have made the text more understandable.’


‘I do like this style of reading with the related questions.  Taylor seems to enjoy it as homework and it makes him think more.’


‘Enjoyed PE.  Guided reading is what we have adopted at home now and my child is becoming more comfortable with this way of learning.’


‘Fantastic lesson on seeing how the children get their opinion across and how they evaluate themselves.  Lots of engagement.  Thanks again for allowing these open sessions.’


‘More information on open session content e.g subject would be useful.’


‘Guided reading- liked how the children have to state which question they answered the best and why.  PE, gymnastics- Impressed that they had professional coaches in leading the session.’


‘I enjoyed seeing my child talk about the planets.’


‘Reading groups- noisy however the children were clearly interested in the topic.  PE – excellent to watch.’


‘Great teaching, the children were enjoying the lesson.’


‘Really enjoyed being able to part of such an interesting and interactive lesson.  Thank you!  It was also helpful that we were given a lot of notice about the open session so I could plan around work.’

School response:  We purposely give all the dates of the open sessions out at the beginning of the year as we are aware that a large proportion of our parents work.  By having advanced warning some parents have been able to organise time off work to be able to come and join in with their child’s learning.  Glad it worked for you too!


Thank you all for taking the time to give us your feedback following the open afternoon.  We are really pleased that everyone had such a great time!