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Feedback from KS2 Parent Open afternoon October 2014

Really good lesson.  Impressed.  The teacher, Miss Hughes, kept the children in line and organised.  Enjoyed it.’


‘Really appreciate the time in class to see my child enjoying himself, thank you for the opportunity.  Also interesting to see my child trying to do the right thing and move away from his friends and the silliness at carpet time.  I think the ‘loss of minutes’ as a consequence is excellent and a really effective way to ensure the children concentrate.  It seems to have done the trick with my child as he loves playtime and seems to be making the effort to do the right thing.’


‘Really enjoyed sitting in on the persuasive writing lesson.  All the children were totally engaged and keen to offer their ideas to the group.  I am almost tempted to book a holiday to France now!  Thank you.’

School response:  We are glad you enjoyed the Year 3 children writing persuasive leaflets trying to encourage people to visit France; it seems like they convinced you!


‘There was good interaction with the children; there was lots of two way communication which shows good practice.  I enjoyed having the ability to look at my child’s work.  I would like to have more interaction with my child and the ability to have discussions with the teacher on my child’s progress.

School response: We are glad you enjoyed the visit.  Whilst we appreciate that parents would like more opportunities to work with their child in class, we feel once a half term is enough to give parents a taster of life in our classrooms.  We offer other opportunities for parents to come into school such as assemblies and exhibitions.  You will have an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress at parents evening which are held twice a year; however if you are concerned at any point we operate an open door policy so please call in and see your child’s class teacher as they are always available at the start and end of the day or call school to make an appointment.


‘Thank you for the opportunity to watch my child in class.  It was great to see the children being so involved and enjoying the class.  Mrs Bennett has a great teaching style and it’s clear her enthusiasm reflects in the children.’


‘Mrs Bennett is a very engaging teacher. I enjoyed her mix of coaching and instructing styles to facilitate learning across the group.  Very pleased to see her role model making mistakes and improving work throughout the class.  Sets challenging tasks to keep things moving and maintain focus.’


‘Fantastic opportunity to see my child working and help her.  Really enjoyed it.  Thank you.’


‘I loved to see my child interacting in a class environment.  It was great to see him working really hard.’


‘Lovely to see how the children work and react to Mrs Bennett.  Also really nice to see my child working well with her classmates and settling in great!’


‘Very entertaining, the children are wonderful, happy and confident.’


‘Lovely to see the children working in the classroom environment.’


‘The children were making good use of resources such as watercolours and pastels in order to create back drop pictures for their restaurant learning challenge.  The class was well controlled and behaved and there was a good feeling of support and helping each other.’


‘I was only there for ½ hour but from what I saw the children in class seemed happy and were enjoying what they were doing.’


‘It was nice to see my son in his lessons.’


‘My child seems to have settled in very well and is always keen to attend his new school.’


‘Really enjoyed my child’s art lesson.  Looks like there is some up and coming artists.  My child and her friends were enjoying using all the different colours for their restaurant project.’


‘Very good way of showing what blame feels like when they haven’t actually done anything.  Very interesting topic.’


‘Even I felt like I’d had a telling off for vandalism in the school toilets.  The scenario was a great way for Year 6 to appreciate the implications of the Treaty of Versailles.  Fab!  The history lesson was engaging.  The children moved freely around the hall, really focused on the activity.  Thank you.’

School response:  It was great that all the parents played along with the staff when we set the children up.  It was done for a good reason as it enabled the children to experience feelings that they could then relate to later work in their history lessons.  Just to clarify, although I’m sure parents know this already, we would NEVER blame all children for the actions of one!


‘I’m glad the parents were made aware the first part of the lesson was a set-up as I was a bit scared!  Another inclusive lesson.’


‘Good history lesson.  The children had listened well to instructions.  I liked how they worked as a team, even though the object was to work with their learning partner.  You could see the children working together, reading, finding out the answers and writing them down.  The children listened well to Mr Chapman.  All the children were very enthusiastic in class.’


‘Was good to see my child working with learning partners.  I personally thought the subject of WWl/WW2 very interesting and informative.’


‘Brilliant!  Great that they learn different sewing techniques.  I loved the ‘tidy up’ rumba!  I thought the class were all enthusiastic about what they were doing.  They all listened when they were supposed to be.  Very impressed.  Thank you for the opportunity to come in.’


‘Really good class.  Miss Hughes controlled the class brilliantly.’


‘A very interesting lesson!  There was a lot of enthusiasm from the children.’


‘Thank you for letting us visit!  P.E. was fun with racquets and balls and the children were obviously enjoying it.  I liked the countdown for sitting on the carpet and timers on the board for how long you have to do your work in.  I’m looking forward to seeing the end results of the sewing lesson.’


‘Had a really enlightening and enjoyable afternoon. Can’t wait for the next one.’


‘I joined my child in his art class where they were looking at different stitching techniques. Great seeing the children making their own choices on which stitching to use and having fun.’


‘An interesting and engaging way of fact finding about WWll.  Children were competitive and also helping their friends- a good team builder.’


‘Great to see the children consistently receptive to learning thanks to loads of enthusiasm from both teachers and peers.’


‘Loved this afternoon and enjoyed being back at school!  The history lesson was really interesting.  I learnt a lot about WWll, especially the Treaty.  My child seems to be very enthusiastic which is great to see.  A very enjoyable afternoon.  Thank you.’


‘Had a wonderful afternoon doing History with the children.’


‘A  lovely art session which I know my chid enjoyed. The whole class were busy and worked well, particularly liked the nice, soothing music in background.’


‘The children were painting, drawing etc. pictures for their restaurants.  There was some excellent work with attention to detail.  The children all listened well to the teacher.  An enjoyable and creative afternoon.  Thank you.’


 ‘Fantastic ‘stitch up’ of Year 6.  Brilliant acting by all the staff!  I felt sorry for the children and could feel their pain!  Lovely painting session in Year 5.  Great pupil and teacher interaction as usual and the behaviour of pupils was fab.’


‘Great to see the whole class really enjoying their art class.  Again thank you for allowing these sessions to happen.  Just a small point, there didn’t seem to be enough paints and mixing pallets for everyone.  There was a bit of disruption at the end of the reading time as a lot of children were coming in to get football kits!

School response:  The children are very good at sharing paints and mixing pallets but we will look at whether we need to replenish our stocks.  As far as the children coming in for football kits at the end of the day, it was because they had to get change slightly before the bell at the end of the day as they were off to a football competition and that teacher was the person taking them so had all the school football kits; however it is a fair point so we will look at handing out the kits at lunchtime so the children do not need to go into the class to get them in future. Thank you.


‘We found our afternoon very enjoyable and interesting to see how the class worked- a super idea to hold the event.  Thank you!’


 ‘Fantastic- I can see my child is very settled and Mr Chapman is a fabulous teacher.’


‘I thought the sports lesson was very well done.  The teacher commanded attention at all times.  Very impressed with the art class.’


‘A lovely opportunity to share work.  Thank you for allowing us to be an audience to your lesson!’


Thank you all for taking the time to give us your feedback following the open afternoon.  We are really pleased that everyone had such a great time!