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Feedback from Reception Open afternoons November 2017


‘I have loved seeing my child in her classroom environment.  She loved showing me around her classroom.’


‘Great to see what the children do and will try the tidy up routine at home.’


‘Ms Smith and Ms Vincent do a wonderful job with the children.  It is clear to see that the children enjoy going to school and feel relaxed in their environment.  It was really nice to see my son getting involved in the activities and playing with his friends.’


‘I thought the session was really valuable.  It was brilliant to see my child ‘at home’ in school, meet some of his friends and also see some of the resources you use.  I really liked the day of the week idea and think I’ll try something similar at home as he will often ask what is happening and when.  If you have another session, I’d definitely attend.  Great work Team RS.’


‘I really appreciated the chance to come and watch my son in his school surroundings.  Thank you.  It was lovely to see how much he enjoys it and is comfortable in all areas.  I would really like to come again and look forward to the spring session.’


‘Really enjoyed seeing the various things that are available to do.  Really loved to see my child playing with her friends.  She seems to really enjoy art.  Was really good to see her artwork and writing work on the wall.  Very proud and can’t wait to see how well all the children do in the Christmas production.’


‘I really enjoyed spending time in my son’s class.  I was very impressed at how the children share and take turns.  They look like they have lots of fun learning.’


‘A great idea, thank you.’


‘Thoroughly enjoyed today.  Lots of exciting things to do.  My son was very happy I could come in and spend time with him at school.  I enjoyed finding out all about Reception.’


‘It was lovely to see what my daughter likes to play with and the children she chooses to play with.’


‘Was nice to see the kids playing together and sharing toys.  The level of concentration during the story time was impressive.  The choice of literature was also great as it allowed the children to participate whilst the story was being read.’


‘Brill, fab time.  My son was so excited and it really helped me seeing him with his friends.’


'A lovely learning environment.  Children listen well to staff and staff have a nice positive attitude.  My child is very happy here.  Class has great resources too and is laid out well.'


'Really nice to see my daughter and her friends in the school environment.  Lovely classroom layout, lots of resources, my daughter is loving reading and really developing well at school.'


‘Lovely opportunity to see my son at school with his teachers and classmates.  He seems to be enjoying school.  I especially like how all the children are left to their own devices.  Teaches them independence.’


‘Really lovely to be able to spend time with her in her class.  She doesn’t give much away at home so enjoyed seeing the type of activities she does and resources she can access.  She astounds me every day with her new knowledge and learning.  Thank you for doing a great job.’


‘I enjoyed the session both playing with my daughter and her friends and seeing how she interacts with her peers.  It was nice to be able to see all of the classroom and what she could choose to do and play with in her ‘own time’.  Although it probably isn’t practical, I would have liked to observe a phonics/numeracy lesson to see how she interacts and also how the teachers teach the subjects.  I could have then taken my own learnings away with the aim of helping her at home.’

School response: At the next session, the teachers will be delivering a phonics or maths session so parents will have the opportunity to observe these sessions first hand, which we know parents found useful last year.