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Feedback from KS1 and KS2 Open morning January 2019

Feedback from Year 1 parents


‘Great morning in Year 1. They are all very well behaved and super good at maths.  Well done Miss Dean and Mrs Atherton.’


‘Really enjoyed the session today and how differentiation was done.  Thank you for inviting us.’


‘I always love these sessions, it’s great to watch the teaching styles which we can take home and share with the children.  It’s a great opportunity to have a look around the walls and see what resources and topics are being covered.  The children love that parents can come in too it’s just a lovely event to be part of.  What a great teacher Miss Dean is.’


‘It was lovely in class today.  The children enjoyed snack and milk then had a story.  Before that they worked in groups and were doing maths.’


‘It was really helpful to see how the children worked out maths.  I can now work with her at home.’


‘Interesting to see the classroom set up and teaching methods used.  Also to see his interaction with his peers and teachers.  The teaching techniques and lessons were much more advanced than my expectations.  He seemed a bit quiet and shy? Aware of my presence? Stressed and conscious about his performance in the class? Hope he is enjoying his learning and school, rather than worried about it mostly.’

School response: Every child is unique and different in their approach to learning.  Some children are naturally quieter in class than others but the teachers are very skillful in making sure that all children contribute their ideas during lessons.  His teacher said said that he enjoys learning so might have been shy because there were more adults in the room than normal.


‘It’s so helpful to be able to come in and get an insight into what goes on in their day.  We don’t get much from our son, so it’s great to see.  Thank you so much.’


‘I enjoyed the spelling task making it very interactive and fun.  Classroom is very visual and stimulating to work in.’


Feedback from Year 2 parents


‘Loved the fact that the kids were encouraged to contribute and they were all confident to do so.  All their contributions were positively acknowledged.’


‘I enjoyed watching my child do a team experiment as a water collection and she has progressed as part of a team and knowing how to follow instructions by filling a syringe with water and passing it to the syringe manager to empty into the tub.’


‘I really enjoy the open mornings it is always interesting and good to see what and how things are being taught and gives me more insight to be able to talk to him at home about what he has been doing and learning at school.’


‘The group learning method, I believe, is the best way for them to learn at this age, but it is obvious that she struggles to show up/make herself heard, in practical group work she was a lot more involved and confident of making herself heard.  We need to work on her confidence.  Thank you for inviting us in.’


‘As ever, love the atmosphere in this class – Mrs Ibison is so good at engaging the children, drawing out the very best of their attention and ideas and having fun with them, letting them be excited at the same time as steering their enthusiasm.  Thank you.’


‘Really positive thought the teaching was appropriate and the teacher had full control of pupils and was always positive and encouraging.  A great opportunity to see this and very happy my son is getting such great education.’


‘Good interactive class, really got the children thinking and sharing their ideas and reasoning.’


 It’s very interesting to see what kids do in class.  I enjoyed the session.  It is also better for me to come in mornings before work.’


‘I love that the kids are given the opportunity to debate and discuss before deciding on an answer.  I also like that they are encouraged to reason with the whole class.  The children all seem to enjoy the lesson and were interested to complete the experiment.’


‘Mrs Wilkinson has a great way of keeping the children’s attention and getting them to learn new words.’


‘The scientific lesson was really fun and she really enjoyed it.  Some great questions from the children.  I loved how the children had to repeat challenging words in different voices to understand those words.  Thank you – some great moments in lesson.  Mrs Wilkinson is a fab teacher.  Thank you.’


‘Fun, amazing didn’t stay long enough.’


‘Very enjoyable 1 and half hours spent in classroom with teacher and children, everyone enjoyed it.  Lovely class.  Thank you for allowing me to come in.’


‘Enjoyed watching the children take part in doing the experiments.’


‘Interesting to see what they are learning.’


‘Loving the enthusiasm in how they approached their science experiments.  Again – the focus during discussions was lovely to see.’


Feedback from Year 3 parents


‘I really enjoyed the open morning and it’s great to see the progress the children have made into year 3.’


 ‘Excellent class on rocks, very informative and interesting.’


Feedback from Year 4 parents


‘We really enjoyed spending time in class especially as it was writing today.  The children got engaged in the lesson and it was lovely to see how they respond to Mrs Hayton.’


‘Great to see the depth of knowledge about adverbs, extended nouns and personification, (taught me something).  Also to see how calm and focused the children were – a credit to their teacher.’


‘It is lovely that the children always receive positive feedback from Mrs Hayton – even if they give a wrong answer she is able to find positives from the answers they give.  This is so encouraging for the children.  I am also amazed at the extent of vocabulary used by the children.  Great work.’


‘Coming in for the open mornings is not just enjoyable for the children to show their parents how much they have learned but also teaches us how to help more at home on the topics they are learning about.’


‘Excellent insight into classroom life, teacher explained everything clearly and pupils took part.’


‘My child is so easily distracted and I was very frustrated with him.  How to engage them better? Seems those who are not great at concentrating are left behind/not made to complete their work.  Do those who didn’t put hand up get asked to give examples?’

School response:  The teachers use different methods at different times to ensure that all children have to respond to questions.  For example, teachers will often randomly select children to answer questions rather than relying on just choosing children who put their hands up as this can allow children to 'opt out', however the ramdon approach was not used in this lesson but please be assured ALL children have to give examples and answers questions over a series of lessons.  If children persistently do not complete work within lessons because they are not concentrating, then they would stay in to complete work - I have passed your concerns onto the class teacher. 


‘We both found the session very interesting and we both actually learned something.  Great way to get an insight into how her education is progressing.’


 ‘Interesting – fund learning lessons.  Interactive lesson really enjoyed watching year 4 use prepositional phrases and work as part of a team.’


‘A really enjoyable session.  The children were focused and using their imagination.’


‘I found the lesson really interesting and learned some things myself.’


Feedback from Year 5 parents


‘Displays are amazing and Miss Ferguson has got a great group dynamic in the class – loved the buzz of learning, thank you for having us.  Also loved the technique for teaching flower part names with the ‘you are a flower person’ thing.’


‘Fun way of learning all the children were engaged.  They all picked up the parts of the flowers quickly and I think this was because of the way they were being taught.’


‘Fab lesson, I loved it.  Very informative.  Thank you.’




‘Times tables were fast paced.  Children seemed to enjoy the challenge and were trying to beat previous score.  Science – lots of challenges and funny to see children trying to cheat from the other board.  Lots of interaction.  It was a little past for the pupils on the table I was sat on to get LO and date written down in the time given.  I learned things this morning.  It was enjoyable, engaging and a memorable way to learn the flower parts.  What a lovely lesson.’


‘I came in half way through the lesson but such fantastic learning.  Examining the parts of a flower, brought pictures to life with a real tulip.  It was a fun lesson with lots of information.  She looked like she was really enjoying it.  I certainly did and learnt something new as well.  Thank you.  Miss Owen is a fab teacher.  Great lesson.’


 ‘Very interesting lesson, kids really enjoyed it.’


Feedback from Year 6 parents


‘I really enjoyed open morning, always interesting and fun, enjoyed it very much, teacher lovely and helpful with the children.’